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Maverick Leather sells “seconds” of Horween Leather. Second run hides from Horween can have issues ranging from a color defect to brands, holes, scarring, loose break, drawn grain, tannery swatch cuts, etc.

As we empty and sort pallets (which are miscellaneous and unmarked), we are constantly grabbing Horween swatches to identify colors and tannages to the best of our knowledge. Many times, we have created our own color names. New leathers are constantly being developed at the tannery, and we have no way of identifying the leather exactly. We do the best we can to identify type, color etc. Please don’t consider the leathers we present here at Maverick Leather as “exact standards” for Horween leather.

For first quality Horween Leathers please visit: https://www.thetanneryrow.com/all-leather