Master’s All-Purpose Thinner

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For use with both Master and Petronio’s All-Purpose Cement. A must for clean up and removal of excess or old cement. Other brands of thinners may appear to work with our products, but could adversely effect the adhesive qualities of our cements.

Use only Master All-Purpose Thinner with Master and Petronio’s All-Purpose Cements.

Petronio Shoe Products History and Heritage

Petronio Shoe Products was founded in 1926 in New Jersey, one of the industrial and commercial centers of the United States. Today, Petronio Shoe Products continues to prosper and grow in New Jersey’s healthy business climate. Petronio Shoe Products became the number one manufacturer of adhesives in the shoe repair industry and Master All-Purpose Cement became the number one adhesive used in the shoe repair industry.

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