Russet – Waxed and Plated HBS

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Tanned using a slow process to create a firm, dense leather that is ideal for wet molding and stamping. Also good for sheaths, holsters, bags straps, razor strops, welts and belts (when long enough).

The veg tanned strips come from the heavier section of the hide and have a very tight grain structure. These “Russet” strips are tanned alongside Horween’s Shell Cordovan during the first 45 days of their production. The veg extracts used to make these strips provide them with a natural russet color that will deepen to a beautiful chestnut tone when oiled. This deeper color tone can also be achieved after longer periods of use and exposure to light.

Horsebutt Strips have a tapered shape that will vary from piece to piece.

2nd Run – Strips may have stains, cracks, scars, light/dark color marbling, etc.

Upcycled Leather by Maverick: We have taken hides that were in need of some TLC and created a very cool looking waxed grain leather. A beautiful color and pull-up effect is displayed when these hides are bent or folded; great leather for many different types of goods. Made in the USA.

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