Sepici V1 Tooling Belt Blanks


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These veg tan belt blanks are cut from a V1 veg tooling produced by Sepici Tanning. Ranging in length from 48″ to 60″. Great for belts, bag straps, dog collars and many other custom leather goods.

Beautiful full veg leather tanned from large European hides. Great for tooling/carving; accepts an oil or dye very nicely. Naturally a lighter color, which allows for brighter colors when applying different dye and finish techniques. The European hides generally have a very smooth, clean grain when compared to other import veg tan options.

Tight, firm and flexible with embossing retention properties that can be refined in many ways in order to adapt to different uses. These can be varied from small leather goods, belts, handbags, upholstery and equestrian equipment.