60 sqft Bundle-HWN Misc. Horse

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Bundles of miscellaneous Horween Horsefront Leathers ranging in thickness, temper, color and style. An incredible deal for beginners and crafters! Second run hides from Horween Leather. 60sft Bundles will range from 55-65 sqft total.

These are second run hides which means some hides may have issues ranging from a color defect or variation to brands, holes, scarring, loose break, drawn grain, tannery swatch cuts, etc.  Many times, we have also created our own color names for these hides, and these should not be referenced to identify any leathers not sold here at Maverick.

Craft Grade hides will have more defects than a typical second and may be best for cutting smaller goods.  Sides have been discounted accordingly.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.