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Pecos Raw is a versatile, drum dyed, vegetable tanned leather with a medium temper and soft feel. To give softness to the leather, a mixture of vegetable and animal oils, called “Sego”, composed of straw, ruby, moelleon oil, etc. are used. The colors will darken with age and use, creating a beautiful patina. The tannery created this leather so it could be worked and shaped to the maker’s liking.  Use as is or it can be brushed, dyed, oiled, hand buffed, painted, polished, ironed, rolled or aged in the sun.

Made in Italy by Conceria La Bretagna.

Tannery Note: Continuous exposure under a light source can cause a color to change. This process is called: “Color Toning”. Ultraviolet rays and the air itself are the main causes of cellulose yellowing, which create oxidation and cause lighter colors to become darker. Especially the naturals, light cognacs, but also yellows, orange, turquoise etc. All these characteristics represent the authentic and tangible proof of a quality product.

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